We all like to be liked — and most of us hate to be hated — but popularity is not the path to success. Passion is what will get you there. Passion is invigorating and gets your blood pumping and your creative ideas flowing. It’s what gets you out of bed early and keeps you up at night.

Committing to a business or job that you’re passionate about requires a lot of sacrifices that not many other people understand.

If you’re working in your dream job and you have a clear pathway to the top, or if you’ve quit the corporate world to go out on your own, passion is the driving force behind it all.

But there is a dark side to being passionate about what you do.

That’s other people.

Business women often don’t realise that the largest sacrifice you’ll have to make being a passionate (and focused) woman is the need to be liked.

Don’t assume because you’re passionate that this automatically makes you appealing to the world. It’s often actually seen as a huge threat by others.

Passion is repellent to so many people, largely because they envy you and don’t feel they themselves have found their true calling.  So passion can sometimes end up isolating you — even at events or in business networking circles.

But it’s worth it!

Yes, passion can end up a lonely road for you but it’s something you need to accept and embrace. The moment you start to dilute who you are and tone down your passion for a particular cause or industry, you’ve essentially become your own barrier to success.

Being liked by others cannot be the main criteria in business. You cannot and should not spend your days trying to understand why someone is bringing you down online or talking about you behind your back. Learn to not give a shit.

The plus side is that you’ll build a quality following of people who respect you. These people are your tribe.

They will promote you and even defend you online. They will become clients and business associates… allies throughout your journey.

These are also the kind of people you want associated with your brand. Like minded in attitude and in levels of passion.

So the next time you sense that you’re changing what you say or write in order to appease people or to try and be liked, stop. Just remember that the most life changing leaders don’t look around for approval — they are focused on their ultimate goal and know deep down the right people will come to them.

Amanda Rose
Amanda Rose is Co-Founder of Western Sydney Women, Western Sydney Business Women & Western Sydney Executive Women.