Western Sydney has become the most powerful voting bloc in Australia and the pollies know it. They also know if they don’t win the west, they don’t win the election.

In every election cycle, people of the west are subjected to a standard formula of promises, flattery, visits by key politicians and even using taxpayer money to build a new football stadium. All to buy votes.

The diverse group of people that make up Western Sydney have become savvy and very aware that they are pawns and quite a hot topic when it comes to election time. And they have had enough.

Because their basic needs for education and job opportunities and affordable housing are disappearing and the cost of living rising, with nothing in sight other than a few very empty promises.

Women in the west also have a need for domestic violence protection; in particular women, who need immediate transitional housing assistance and job training to achieve economic independence, are being seriously neglected. But hey! Would you like a new stadium instead?!

As the saying goes, if you are not from Western Sydney please don’t try and tell them who they are, what they need and who to vote for. A good test is if you haven’t travelled on a Western motorway (M2, M4, M5 or M7) then what right do you have to speak for the people who travel on them daily for work? Instead, try listening and then deliver.

Families in Western Sydney are under the pump when it comes to the cost of living. It is the 2nd highest concern for women in the west right behind domestic violence.

However, Western Sydney seem to be the “go to” place for revenue generation, whether it be the threat of adding a sugar tax (instead of ensuring quality vegetables and meats are affordable) or the inevitable toll on the M4 which has people already considering moving house or even jobs as they can’t afford the expected $50 a week increase to their living costs.  Public transport isn’t an option when the basic infrastructure isn’t there yet.

A recent study has shown that people in Western Sydney are less healthy than those in the more affluent (east or northern suburbs) counterparts. The stigma attached to the west which no doubt this study will inflame is that they are lazy, unhealthy welfare bludgers, when in fact Western Sydney is full of a wonderful mix of precious individuals who are hard working, stressed, over taxed and looked down upon. Most families are working two jobs to make ends meet whilst others are trying to access jobs so they don’t have to go on Government benefits.

A smart Government would do well to constructively consider the plight and power of the enlightened “silent majority” before it is too late.


Amanda Rose
Amanda Rose is Co-Founder of Western Sydney Women, Western Sydney Business Women & Western Sydney Executive Women.