Western Sydney Women is the first and only organisation to advocate for women from all walks of life whom come from the Inner West, Greater West, North West and South West of Sydney.

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Our mission is to be the voice and inspiration for all women living and working in the Western Sydney areas.

We raise awareness and promote conversation; we supply the tools, membership, support and information on a range of issues that impact women in order to facilitate positive change and economic independence. With regular surveys, inspirational events and campaigns, we are determined to ensure all women have the opportunity for personal success and empowerment.

Passion is more important than popularity

Passion is more important than popularity

We all like to be liked — and most of us hate to be hated — but popularity is not the path to success. Passion is what will get you there. Passion is invigorating and gets your blood pumping and your creative ideas flowing. It’s what gets you out of bed early and... read more
Working with business men: the women’s guide

Working with business men: the women’s guide

The business and corporate world is full of its own particular customs and behaviours, some of which you know even before you start and others that you learn over time — and sometimes the hard way. Every aspiring business woman needs to learn these, and among them:... read more
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We are proud to give you access to the services you need as a Western Sydney Women.

We are proud to give you access to the services you need as a Western Sydney Woman.

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